Golden Girls FunkO’s Cereal Review

First thing’s first: shout out to Mike Denison for tweeting about this cereal because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise! I’m usually pretty well-informed about all The Golden Girls merch out there, and friends always send me links when they hear about things (thank you for being a friend, friends!). I haven’t seen any press releases or other official information from Funko about this at all, which is interesting, but I managed to find out that the official release date for the cereal was October 5th. So of course I hightailed it over to my closest Target after work faster than you can say vertubenflugen to grab my box! 

Golden Girls cereal box
The clementines are a nice touch, don’t you think?

What you need to know first is that you won’t find this on the cereal aisle. It’s actually over by the CDs, DVDs, and books where there’s also a whole Funko display along the wall. Basically, this section is toys and collectibles for grown ups (no, not those kinds of toys, Blanche!). At the Target I went to this section is by the entrance on the other side of the store from the groceries, but at other locations sometimes it’s at the back of the store. I tell you this so you don’t go wandering all over the place looking for it. You’re welcome!


The box itself is very cute! It’s smaller than an actual cereal box, and the design looks just like regular cereal box graphics. The Girls are drawn to match their Funko Pop! figurine counterparts. As you can also see on the front of the box, the cereal is a Target exclusive. And, yes, there is a mini Rose toy surprise inside to complete the nostalgia trip! I really like the overall design of the box, right down to the soft green background and leaves that recall Blanche’s infamous bedroom. The only place on the box where I think they could’ve done a better job is the back. It features a pink maze with a message from Freddy Funko about watching Saturday morning cartoons. My suspicion is that this is just the generic template for all of the Funko cereal boxes, but I think they could’ve created something more customized to the show in this case. For instance, how about a floor plan of the house where the maze is to get from the kitchen out to the lanai? Or maybe a maze with cheesecake in the middle, and you have to figure out which Girl gets to it first. There are so many options! I definitely think this is a little bit of a missed opportunity on Funko’s part to make this collectible truly unique.

Golden Girls cereal box side

One of the first things that’s also noticeable on the box is the photo of the cereal, which is purple. I talked a lot about this on Twitter with other Golden Girls fans. Why is it purple?? It appears that it’s to match the color of the dress that the Rose toy is wearing, but still it’s a strange choice. Why couldn’t they have just made the cereal golden colored? There are plenty of cereals that are that color! Cap’n Crunch, Golden Grahams, even. A golden colored cereal would’ve stood out fine on the box, too. Most of the other Funko cereals are pretty brightly colored, though, with the goal of turning your milk the color of the cereal. Pink would’ve been another great option, so I just really don’t know what they were thinking on that aspect. But surprise! If you decide to open your box you’ll discover that the cereal is actually blue!

Golden Girls cereal in the bowl
Maybe it’s blue so you can recall Rose’s infamous St. Olaf story of The Great Herring War??

Really, it’s more of a dark teal, which makes better sense than purple because teal is a color we see quite a lot of on the show in terms of fashion. I still think they should’ve made it golden or pink. Anyway, color choice aside, the funnest feature of the actual cereal is that it has a silvery sheen thanks to a little titanium dioxide. This along with the high color saturation causes the cereal to stick together a little bit, but it’s easy to break up with a few squeezes of the bag. Since I’d already destroyed the mint in box aspect of this collectible, I obviously had to give the cereal a try. I was super curious as to what it would taste like, and I know others will be, too, but also that you might not want to open your box. I get it. So just for you I was willing to sacrifice the tens of dollars that this might be worth one day! Basically, the cereal is slightly fruit flavored. My husband thought it was gross, but I didn’t think it was that bad and I usually don’t like fruity cereal. It also definitely does turn your milk blue. The FunkO’s themselves are nice and crunchy, and the cereal is pretty good quality. Perhaps not worthy of eating more than once if you end up collecting others in the FunkO’s cereal series but edible nonetheless. I suppose one other criticism I have is that it would’ve been fun if they did mini figurines of all of the Girls instead of just Rose. Maybe this is a lead up to Funko releasing a blind box series of Golden Girls figures which, out of all the Golden Girls stuff that’s out there, is the one that I’ve been waiting for the most, honestly.

Overall, I think this is a really cute collectible, and it will certainly make a great gift for any Golden Girls fan in your life. It’s pretty decently priced, too, at $8.99 a box. I’ve also read that there are supposed to be some Funko Golden Girls shot glasses, but I didn’t see them at the Target I went to. Some of the Chia Pets are also now available on the Target website. This holiday season is definitely shaping up to be a great one for Golden Girls fans!

One last thing before I go. My mom asked if the leftover cereal would be good in a Chex mix type thing, and I thought that was a great idea! So I came up with the recipe below.

Miami Is Nice Cereal Mix

1 bag Funko Golden Girls cereal
1/2 bag Corn Chex cereal, or other golden colored cereal of your choice
1/2 cup mini white chocolate chips
1/2 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup toasted coconut flakes
1/2 dried pineapple
1/2 cup mini marshmallows

Combine in a large bowl and enjoy while watching your favorite episodes of The Golden Girls!

Did you find The Golden Girls cereal at your local Target? I’d love to know what you think about it in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Golden Girls FunkO’s Cereal Review

    1. Yes, apparently it’s sold out pretty much everywhere now. I think each location only got a few boxes, but I did read on Twitter yesterday that Funko has plans to release more versions with different color cereals and toys of the other Girls next year!

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  1. I wish we still had Target in Canada! Maybe the blue colour was to represent the “blue rinse” many women in their golden years use in their hair? At any rate- thanks for sharing and that maze idea is so fun- you should do it!


  2. BoldBohemian

    It is not at our Target. But WOW! I never knew that there were Golden Girls toys available in 2018! BTW, I AM now a Golden Girl myself.


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