The Golden Girls LibGuide

GG Libguide
Looking for help with researching The Golden Girls? Check out The Golden Girls LibGuide created by yours truly, an actual librarian! You’ll find links to databases, journals, scholarly articles, websites, and more to get you started. There’s even a page of episodes organized by topics and issues covered throughout the series.

Golden Girls Wiki
A great place for lots of information about the history of the show, episode summaries, and more.

Enough Wicker
A podcast and blog that takes a scholarly look at The Golden Girls.

Out on the Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast
Hosts Kerri and H. Alan watch an episode of The Golden Girls and then they talk about it. Both are super fans of the show, and it’s always a lot of fun!

Oh Shut Up Rose! A Quotable Episode-a-Day Golden Girls Guide
A very comprehensive and quotable GG blog.

Golden Girls Quotes
Follow the fab @GoldenGirls85 on Twitter for fun quotes and other GG info.

Golden Girls News
Follow @goldengirlsnews on Twitter to keep up with all the latest GG news!

The Golden Girls Forum
Chat with other Golden Girls fans.

H. Alan Scott’s Emmys list
Super fan and co-host of Out on the Lanai, H. Alan Scott, put together this all-in-one list of The Golden Girls’ Emmy wins and nominations.

The Golden Girls
Original episode air dates and other info.

TV Quotes Database: The Golden Girls quotes
Pretty much an encyclopedia of quotes from the show.

Dinner Is Served 1972
If you’re in the mood to try some vintage recipes that only Rose would attempt then head on over to this fabulously retro blog!

Feeling Magenta
A colorful tribute to The Golden Girls.

Erica is a fabulous sewist who makes 1980’s-inspired clothing from vintage sewing patterns!