The Golden Girls Hollywood Legends magazine review

Last month I started seeing tweets about a Golden Girls magazine hitting the stands. Now, I can actually walk to a Barnes and Noble from my house, which is where everyone was saying they found it, but that location didn’t have it! Thankfully, my mom was able to get it for me from the B&N they go to.

Here’s the fabulous cover:


It was worth the wait because, let me tell you, Miami, you’ve got style! The creators of this magazine pulled out all the stops and truly created a beautiful tribute to the show. Whether you’re new to the show or a long time fan, there’s something for everyone here. The magazine opens with an article about sitcoms in the 1980s and how The Golden Girls came to be. Next, each character gets her own feature in the Meet the Girls section.

Photo Jan 31, 11 20 46 PM

This theme alternates throughout the magazine with topic based articles, but the dedication to design really shows here. The color scheme is perfect, and there are quotes and other bits of trivia interspersed throughout. It’s as fun to read as it is to look through! Each Girl also gets her own section of MVP episodes.


Photo Jan 31, 11 19 32 PM

Of course, my favorites were the sections about the set design and the fashion. I learned so many fun details about the kitchen and the living room! As it turns out, tablecloths for the kitchen were purchased so that they could be changed in the event of an outfit clash. So smart! There’s also a neat side bar about each of the Girls’ bedrooms (which has inspired an upcoming post).

Photo Jan 31, 11 22 36 PM

The style section is fantastic and again follows the theme of each Girl getting her own two page feature. Costume designer Judy Evans Steele provides commentary and insight about her process, and there are most memorable style moments, Golden Girls Style Rules, and lots of great photos! It’s so much fun to see the outfits altogether on these pages. I was also reminded that the proper term for Blanche’s nightgown and robe sets is peignoir, or Deverobes as some fans have coined them.

Photo Jan 31, 11 21 36 PM

I also loved the Golden Girls by the Numbers and St. Olaf A to Z sections. Earlier in the magazine we learn that Estelle Getty purchased Sophia’s iconic purse at a thrift store, and here we come full circle with its sale at auction at Bonhams. Gosh, wouldn’t you just love to know where it ended up? I would! Personally, I think it belongs in the Smithsonian, but I hope whoever owns it now is treating it right!

There’s even more in the magazine that I haven’t mentioned here, including a nice closing article on the legacy of the show. It’s a must for any fan of the show! You won’t want to miss out on finding a copy. Find it at Barnes and Noble and other newsstands through April 16.

If you have a copy I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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