Picture It: The Golden Girls and Interior Design Nostalgia

I’m super excited to direct you over to We Are the Mutants for the latest Golden Girls Fashion Corner post, Picture It: The Golden Girls and Interior Design Nostalgia!

We Are the Mutants is a weekly updated magazine focusing on the history and analysis of Cold War-era popular and outsider culture, with a strong emphasis on speculative (sci-fi, fantasy, horror), genre, pulp, cult, occult, subculture, and anti-establishment media.

I discovered We Are the Mutants sometime last year on Twitter, and I’ve been reading everything they publish ever since. Their topics are unique and wide-ranging, covering everything from book cover design to Schoolhouse Rock!, UFOs and toy play sets, among other fascinating subjects. Every post, even those that start out as pretty esoteric, becomes a journey that explores the history of the topic and relates it to the present day. You know that feeling of wanting to be a part of the club? Well, I’d been trying to think of what I could write about for them, and so when I started the draft for this piece suddenly the answer was obvious. I’m thrilled they let me write this piece for them, and I’ve had a few more ideas since I completed it, so I hope I can continue to write for them on some other topics.

I really hope you enjoy reading the post on We Are the Mutants and that you’ll check out their other fascinating content. Writing this piece was a lot of fun and took me on a journey that I honestly didn’t expect. Initially, I intended the piece to be primarily about memory, but I started seeing other connections as I continued to write. The art historian part of my brain kicked in, and I was able to finally put pop culture and research together in a meaningful way. I consider Picture It: The Golden Girls and Interior Design Style to be the best example so far of what I’m trying to do with this blog and my writing about the show.


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