18 Gifts for Every “Golden Girls” Fan

Picture it: 2018 has been a banner year for The Golden Girls! While the show’s been popular since its 1985 debut, things really started to pick up for everyone’s favorite Miami besties when Hulu started streaming the series in 2017. It’s become so popular that now we can celebrate our love for the show with more merchandise than you can shake your tubenburbles at.

Let’s be honest, though. There is A LOT of Golden Girls stuff out there and, well, some things are better than others. There are also items like the Clue and Monopoly games and the hot sauce that most fans of the show have already heard about. I featured a few of the more popular items, but I really tried to find the best of the best and most unique Golden Girls items on the market right now. If you want to shop small and support independent designers I’ve got you covered there, too.

I promise there’s something for every Golden Girls fan on your holiday shopping list this year! Or maybe you don’t celebrate any holidays and just want to treat yo self. That’s cool, too! Whether you and your friends were naughty or Miami nice, this guide highlights gifts that any fan would be thrilled to receive.

Head on over to BuzzFeed to check out the list in all its glory!

Golden Girls 2019 calendar

Which gifts on the list are your must haves? I really want the calendar, magnetic bookmarks, and the Rusty Anchor t-shirt! That sun shade visor is totally calling my name, too, if only to show off my love for the show in the parking lot at work. My advice is to order anything on the list now because, as popular as the show is right now, some things are sure to sell out!

7 thoughts on “18 Gifts for Every “Golden Girls” Fan

  1. The Golden Girls are hilarious for women, men and people of all ages. I have been watching repeats since I was a kid and I had many friends who I introduced “The Girls” to. I ‘m so excited about all their merch! I have the Funko Pops and I want that Rusty Anchor T-shirt. I hope they will make it in women’s sizes. 🙂


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