Extra! Extra! All Golden Girls News Bibliography!

The Golden Girls

Get the cheesecake, the ice cream, and the whipped cream ready because this is a special edition All Golden Girls news post! It seems like the Girls have been in the news almost every week since the beginning of 2019, and I’m here to make sure that you haven’t missed anything along the way.

Golden Girls at Sea: A Golden Girls Fan Cruise (Flip Phone Events)

Yes, it’s true: a Golden Girls themed cruise will set sail in February of next year! This has definitely been the biggest Golden Girls news item of the new year. So much so that the cruise is already sold out! But you can get on a waiting list. Check out the link to see all of the fun Golden Girls activities that are planned. The planners definitely went all out! Do you think Jeff and Rich and Randy will be there?

Can We Talk About?:  This “Golden Girls” Movie Poster Instagram Account Sparking All the Joy (Logo)

Chris Gallo, the author of the wonderful Oh Shut Up Rose! episode recap blog, is also the genius behind these hilarious movie poster parodies! Only a super fan like Chris could come up with references like this:


Four Strings, the Golden Girls-Themed Bar in St. Louis, Thanks You For Being a Friend (Riverfront Times)

This place sounds like a hoot and a half! I love that it’s for fans of the show and anyone looking to have a good time in a fun, inclusive atmosphere. If I’m ever in St. Louis I’ll definitely have to stop by on karaoke night and sing “What’ll I Do” in D flat.

Golden Girls’ Rue McClanahan Suffered ‘Debilitating Illness’ Before Death: Forensic Pathologist (People)

Even the Reelz channel is capitalizing on The Golden Girls‘ popularity by featuring Rue McClanahan in an episode of their Autopsy show. I haven’t watched it yet, but I have seen other episodes in the series which have varied in quality so be warned. No word yet on whether or not they’ll feature Bea or Estelle in future episodes.

Heights senior living community names pet chickens after ‘Golden Girls’ (KHOU)

This is probably the sweetest thing you’ll read about all year, and it’s from right here in Houston! Maybe one day they’ll get a fifth chicken and name her Count Bessie.

The showbiz chicken!

Bill 69, Golden Girls Act, 2019 (Legislative Assembly of Canada)

Proving that the Girls are still having an impact all these years later after the show originally aired, this Canadian legislation aims to encourage the creation of more affordable housing for seniors in Ontario.

Chrissy Teigen May Have Accidentally Made Bea Arthur Trend on Twitter (Huffpost)

It was no accident! She definitely made Bea trend on Twitter! Golden Girls fans (myself included) are pretty active on Twitter and tend to notice when something related to the show pops up. It was super fun to see so many people tweeting tributes to Bea in response to Chrissy’s tweet about liking the name.

Bea Arthur Was a Badass Jewish Mom and the Internet Should Celebrate Her (Kveller)

This article overstates a few things (characterizing Bea’s military service as fighting the Nazis is…a reach for sure), but I like that they took her moment as a trending topic on Twitter and turned it into a piece that highlights her accomplishments.


3 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! All Golden Girls News Bibliography!

  1. I’d give this post two likes if I could! The posters are so funny, and I “get” every one of them. So clever! The bar in St. Louis does sound fun! And with my awkward stage presence, I’ll bet your “What’ll I Do” goes a lot better than my “I Wanna Be Loved By You”. 🙂 LOL


  2. Those movie posters are so awesome! They gave me a much-needed laugh. I just lost my mother. A nurse at the hospital during one of her stays said my mom and I reminded her of Dorothy and Sophia because we played cards together when I visited. Bittersweet for sure.


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