Cross Stitch The Golden Girls

Cross stitch is a craft that I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid. My mom taught me how, and I remember doing various small projects over the years. As an adult, though, it’s been a long time since I’ve attempted any cross stitch. Like, we’re talking at least 20 or so years probably. But I recently found myself wanting to take a crack at it again, and of course The Golden Girls cross stitch kit was the perfect place to start!


My mom actually got me this kit back in November of last year for my birthday but, having had a baby that September, I didn’t have the time or brain space, even, to get around to it until recently. There were things I liked and didn’t like about this kit as I worked through it, so of course I want to share my thoughts.

The kit features 12 fun designs by Haley Pierson-Cox and enough materials to make two of the projects. Everything comes packaged in a unique book-shaped box. The book of patterns and instructions is also attached to the box. I loved this feature because it made keeping everything together really easy and convenient.


So it wasn’t immediately obvious to me, but the two designs featured above on the back of the kit are the ones that you’re supposed to make based on what’s included in the kit. I didn’t realize this until after I was looking through the book, deciding which design I wanted to do, and then realized that some of the patterns use more than the 6 colors of included floss. I didn’t let that stop me from making one of the other designs my own, though! More on that in a bit.

The first pattern featured in the book is the one from the cover, which I think is what contributed to making things slightly confusing. I think it would’ve made more sense to feature the two designs that you’re given supplies for first rather than mixed in between the others. Indications about difficulty level would’ve been a useful addition, too. None of the projects are overly advanced, but a few would be difficult for beginners or newbies to cross stitch for sure. Pierson-Cox included easy-to-follow instructions at the beginning of the book, which was helpful for me, too, since it had been awhile since I’d done any cross stitch.

The signature, often quoted lines from the show lend themselves especially well to cross stitch, and all of our favorites are here. Motifs like the flamingos and palm trees above round out the patterns and give each one a Miami feel. Pierson-Cox created little scenes with the Girls, too, that really take the fandom aspect of this kit to the next level. I also loved the overall design of the book because it includes fun ways to use and display the completed projects, such as on pillows or tote bags. These designs also make great gifts for any other Golden Girls fans in your life.

I settled on stitching the “Shady Pines, Ma!” design because it seemed doable to me based on my skill level. Although it uses just four colors only two of them are included in the kit, but I made it work. I also decided to adjust the colors on the round border so I could use the pink and lavender floss. And without further ado, here is my completed Golden Girls cross stitch:


I think it turned out great! Completing this project made me so happy, and I’m glad this kit helped me rediscover a beloved hobby. Cross stitch is the perfect quarantine craft, too. It’s repetitive enough to allow you to zone out a little bit while also keeping you engaged. Stitching the letters was especially meditative for me. In fact, I enjoyed the project that I chose from this kit so much that I’ve got several others lined up to work on! You can also find lots of creative Golden Girls inspired cross stitch patterns on Etsy, including a hilarious sampler of one of my favorite Rose quotes and this photorealistic portrait of the Girls. There’s something for every cross stitcher in this kit, and the variety of designs will keep you coming back as you develop your skills!

More Resources

Want to keep your completed design in the hoop? Check out this tutorial from Stitched Modern to apply a felt backing for a beautiful finish.

I was taught to stitch over my floss to anchor it when starting a new line of stitches, but then I learned about the loop method and my mind was blown! It’s so easy and saves your floss, too.

The DMC company offers lots of free patterns, including a familiar banana leaf and others.

4 thoughts on “Cross Stitch The Golden Girls

  1. Great post! It reminded me of a post I did on my new website about how I began yarn crafting. My aunt introduced me to it years ago, and I struggled with it –and now twenty something years later, I crochet and loom knit.

    This gives me an idea…I need to watch some reruns of Season 1 of Golden Girls while knitting.
    Thanks! 🙂

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