Summer 2020 Golden Girls News

So far this summer The Golden Girls are more newsworthy than ever! From new controversies and takes about the show to one very special real estate listing, Miami is nice indeed. Well, the fictional version, anyway. Like a lot of fans, I’ve been taking some of this time during the pandemic to binge the show, specifically watching it all the way through from the very beginning. So far I’m on season 4, and I’m enjoying spotting new outfits and noticing things that get cut out of the episodes in syndication. The Golden Girls Fashion Corner is now on Instagram, too! Join me there for fun fashion posts and more.


See Inside the ‘Golden Girls’ House on Sale for $3 Million — Wicker Not Included (The Wrap)

Hold on to your handbags because the real Golden Girls house is finally on the market! The mid-century modern stunner is located in the famous Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Many people have commented that there aren’t a lot of similarities between the real house and the set, but I can see some influences on the patio above. More photos and a virtual tour are available on the Zillow listing for the house. I hope whoever’s lucky enough to buy it is a fan of the show and doesn’t mind other fans stopping by for photos in front of the famous exterior.

Betty White

Betty White to star in Lifetime Christmas movie (Entertainment Weekly)

Arthur Duncan Once Admitted Betty White Launched Him into Show Business (AmoMama)


The Real Mud on The Golden Girls (Vulture)

I’ve offered my take on the recent controversy surrounding the “Mixed Blessings” episode being removed from Hulu, and so did many others. And then there’s Steven Thrasher’s above which is, well, completely out of left field if you ask me. I don’t agree with his theory at all, which actually doesn’t have much to do with “Mixed Blessings,” but I do think it’s important to consider different points of view about the show. It’s fascinating to see the way that scholarship and discourse about The Golden Girls is gaining recognition and becoming more mainstream.

Removing ‘blackface episodes’ is easy. Actually confronting racism in media isn’t (CNN)


4 Grandma Trends I’m Stealing from The Golden Girls (Who What Wear)

The Golden Girls Are Still the Best-Dressed TV Characters in History (InStyle)

Interior Design

The Sitcoms That Changed the Way We Decorate Our Homes (Architectural Digest)

Just For Fun

Golden Girls Very Special Pandemic Episodes (Josh Kilmer-Purcell)

Josh is one of my favorite writers, and it’s no surprise that his fan fiction based on the show during the pandemic was both popular and memeable. His memoir is also a great read and the business he runs with his partner, Beekman 1802, makes amazing goat milk skincare and other products.

A theory that The Golden Girls were an ‘organized crime syndicate’ is hilariously plausible (UpWorthy)


Enough Wicker

Picture it… a Golden Girls podcast from a scholarly perspective! Hosts Lauren and Sara bring a fresh point of view to our favorite show, and now’s the perfect time to pop on your headphones and tune in.

‘Golden Girls’ Star Rue McClanahan’s Archive, with Michael La Rue (For Keeps)


“Why are Madonna and the Golden Girls queer icons?”: LGBTQ stars discuss their love of divas and dames (AV Club)


Upon Realizing The Golden Girls Was Coming to an End I Sat Down and Wept (LitHub)

35 years later we can still thank ‘The Golden Girls’ for being a friend (Upworthy)

The Golden Girls: The most treasured TV show ever (BBC)

‘Golden Girls’ writer on show’s legacy and favorite moments (CNN Entertainment)



The Golden Girls Rose Nylund Ornament With Sound (Hallmark)

I am 100% positive that this ornament will sell out, so pre-order yours now if you can! This is the ornament for every Golden Girls fan, and it even includes several Rose-isms and St. Olaf stories. Hallmark was gracious enough to include the audio clips on their website. I see what they did, though, by only releasing the Rose ornament this year and making us wait for the other Girls! I really, really hope they complete the set with an ornament of the house, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. I love this! I am in the middle of creating a YouTube show where I will feature fashion items from the show I’ve found as well as recipes from the different things they eat!

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  2. sandhya shinde

    It very pretty looks and sounds good..In your one sentence I fall in love that..grandma trend I’m stealing from Golden girl… impressively true..keep posting

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