Happy anniversary, Babe . . .

And just like that, The Golden Girls Fashion Corner turns 5 today! When I started this blog in 2018 I had no plans other than to write about the fashion I was tweeting about as I revisited the show. I really had no idea that I would go on to research other topics related to the show much less write about them for other websites. And I certainly never thought I’d be interviewed by the Swedish National Radio and the Wall Street Journal! It’s also been really exciting to be a part of the resurgence in popularity that The Golden Girls has experienced over the past few years. While the show has always been popular since it debuted in 1985, there’s no denying that things started to shift in a big way in 2017 when The Golden Girls finally started streaming on Hulu. Yes, podcasts like Out on the Lanai had been doing the lord’s work of discussing the show since 2014, but by 2019 the fandom had definitely taken off. Now we’ve got Enough Wicker and So Good We Named It, and of course there are numerous tribute drag shows and even Golden Con. Still, at the beginning of 2018 there was less writing about the show than there is now. Jim Colucci published his excellent, must have Golden Girls Forever in 2016 and I’ve since found some academic articles published over the years, but writing more critically about fashion and other topics on the show felt like newer territory in 2018. Now we have Kate Browne’s book, Matt Browning’s reference guide, cookbooks inspired by the show, and much more web content about The Golden Girls. And of course there also seems to be an endless supply of Golden Girls merchandise and tchotchkes to collect. The Golden Girls is truly the show that keeps on giving, all these years later!

It’s also nice to take a moment and reflect on how things have changed in my own life since 2018. In September of 2019 I had a baby, and my writing time predictably took a back seat to parenting, especially since I don’t have a governess that I can scream for. Still, I think I’ve managed to keep up a pretty good posting schedule, all things considered, and I’ve even managed to write a few other things along the way. On a sadder note, we also lost Betty White just over a year ago. Although “lost” is kind of a funny way to put it since her legacy as the First Lady of Television lives on through her extraordinary career. We truly are lucky as fans of The Golden Girls that we have seven seasons of such an amazing show featuring four brilliant women to turn to no matter what’s going on in the real world. Like the iconic house on Richmond Street, this blog has been a safe space for me, and I’ve surprised myself many times (why, many, many times) with the ideas and connections I’ve found to write about.

Now, if you’ll allow me to blow my own vertubenflugen for just a bit, I’d like to list a few of my favorite blog posts and other published pieces.

Picture It: The Golden Girls and Interior Design Nostalgia

Deconstructing HIV and AIDS on The Golden Girls

The Vamp and the Showgirl

A Brief History of Blanche’s Boudoir

Fashion In the Broad Sense

6151 Richmond Street: The Fifth Character on The Golden Girls

Remembering Betty White: Books By and About the First Lady of Television

Rose: And the winner of tonight’s Volunteer Vanguard Award is Rose Nylund. The crowd goes wild! Oh, thank you. Thank you. What a surprise. I’m absolutely speechless. Except for the one I’ve prepared. Laughter from the crowd. First of all, I would like to thank all the little people who have made tonight possible. Thank you, little people. Smile for the photographers. Wave to the fans.

Sister of the Bride

Finally, I want to give a special thanks to the folks at We are the Mutants and Nursing Clio for supporting and publishing my writing early on. And of course thank you to everyone who’s stopped by my blog over the past five years! Whether you’re a regular reader or you’ve just read a few things here and there, I truly appreciate it. I hope you’ll continue to read along with The Golden Girls Fashion Corner as I’ve got some exciting things coming up this year!

2 thoughts on “Happy anniversary, Babe . . .

  1. Welcome to the 5 year club! 😊 Yours is in my top 5 blogs to read and you my dear are indeed doing the lord’s work for us GG fans. I hope you continue to write and I hope more wonderful opportunities come your way.


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