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A blog dedicated to the iconic fashion of The Golden Girls! This certainly isn’t the first such blog but, since anything on the Internet these days is only as unique as its creator’s point of view, I decided to start my very own.

As I continue to watch episodes of the show on TV, it’s the fashions that often stick out to me the most. Sometimes I’ll look up at an episode I’ve seen many times (which is, ok, all of them), and suddenly an amazing outfit worn by one of the characters will jump out at me. Over the past year I started tweeting a lot about the fashion and endlessly funny lines said by the girls on the show, but I started to realize that sharing my thoughts in long form on a blog would also be fun. So here we are! The Girls are just as popular as ever with all sorts of new merchandise based on the show out there, from figurines to puzzles. You can even buy a t-shirt with an image of Rose’s airplane sweatshirt on it!

My intent with The Golden Girls Fashion Corner is not to do a Fashion Police critique or best and worst dressed run down of the fashion on the show. I’m as tired of people telling women what not to wear as any other feminist. So, as a vintage fashion lover as well, I’ll always try to “punch up” and discuss and explore the fashion of the show. Of course, I’ll have to poke a little fun from time to time because it was, after all, the 80s (and early 90s), but it will never be at the expense of anyone’s body type. I may also occasionally discuss other elements of the show such as the sets because, like the wallpaper in Blanche’s bedroom, those are often as iconic as the fashion.

There’s a little more information about me as well as some links to resources about The Golden Girls on the other pages. So break out the cheesecake, pull up a chair on the lanai, and join me in taking a look at the fashion of this groundbreaking show!

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