Interview with Tatiana of Feeling Magenta

I recently got an e-mail from fellow Golden Girls fan, Tatiana, about her amazing Feeling Magenta project. Feeling Magenta is “a colorful tribute to The Golden Girls,” and I knew right away that I wanted to know more about Tatiana and her love for the show.


How did you get the idea for Feeling Magenta, and what was your process for compiling the color palettes?

I’m an artist and I love color. I’ve also been a die hard Golden Girls fan since they were originally on the air when I was a kid (I’m 36) so I really grew up with them. I was hoping one of the streaming services would pick up the series and last year, Hulu answered my prayers! I was so excited, I plowed through all the episodes even though I’ve seen them all a million times over the years thanks to syndication and cable. I had just started my second re-watch when I began to really notice the palettes. When all 4 ladies are in a scene together, you notice how their wardrobe colors compliment each other. Often, they each are wearing one dominant color head to toe.

So I started taking screen caps and making 4-color palettes for each episode. I use a favorite quote from the episode as the “title.” I did one for each episode, all 7 seasons. Surprisingly, it only took me 2-3 weeks once I got rolling.

“What do you expect? Comedians?” – Pilot color palette

Do you have any plans to continue the project?

I wish there were more episodes! I have thought about continuing through with The Golden Palace spin off, but I just don’t connect to it in the same way. I may do a similar project for another show.

What are some of your favorite fashion moments on the show?

Judy Evans, the costume designer, was such a talent! I love when Blanche and Dorothy join a gym and get really fancy workout clothes. Dorothy and Sophia dressed as Sonny and Cher is a fav. Oh and when Blanche and Dorothy get the same “one-of-a-kind” gowns (that’s the only time I have two of the same exact color in a palette).

“I didn’t even like my own children in my house.” – Season 2, episode 16 color palette

Do you have a favorite episode and/or season of the show and why?

Hands down, the episode with a young Jenny Lewis. I can watch Rose take her teddy bear and shove her out the door again and again. The Grab that Dough episode is a fav. I also really love the Henny Penny episode and the one where Blanche dreams George is still alive. Ugh, they’re all so good! I will say that, in general, I prefer the jewel tones of the later episodes to the pastels of the early ones.

Why do you think the fashion of The Golden Girls is so particularly memorable compared to other shows?

I think it marked a trend in older women being more fashionable, not just turning into dowdy grandmas. I don’t think we’d have Advanced Style, etc. without The Golden Girls.  They all had such individual style. They wore what they wanted and what felt comfortable for them. I think that’s important for everyone. Following trends is fun but I think true style means having a sense of yourself and expressing it.

“Always.” – Series finale color palette

Anything else you would like readers to know about you, other projects, websites, etc?

In addition to my personal art projects, I also run a gallery, Trio Contemporary Art Gallery, here in Athens, GA. I am also the administrator for the Athens Cultural Affairs Commission.

Thanks, Tatiana, for getting in touch! It’s so fascinating and fun to see the colors of the fashion represented in this way and to have a resource for how it evolved over the course of the series. You really must go take a look at Feeling Magenta, and take a moment to bask in the pastel and jewel tone glow of the color palettes.

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