The Golden Girls at SDCC 2018

For the second year in a row The Golden Girls are making an appearance at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC)! You may remember last year’s action figures by Funko that were exclusive to the convention. Well, this year NECA has upped the ante and unveiled a line of 8″, poseable dolls complete with clothes! Of course, you know I have just a few thoughts about them. Here they are in all their glory:

GGdollsOk, so first I think there are a lot of things they got right. The higher level details are all there, especially in Dorothy’s outfit. The collar detail on the white shirt is spot on, and I’m impressed that they took the time to articulate that. Rose’s dress is very her with the neckline, puffed sleeves, buttons, and waist detailing. I saw a funny comment somewhere that noted her belt being undone in the photo and asked if she was at a wedding, which is a hilarious reference to the “The Mangiacavallo Curse Makes a Lousy Wedding Present” episode from season 5. I’m glad that they put Blanche in a blazer and pants since she wears that combo on the show a lot. And they got Sophia’s lace collar! The styling of her dress is also very Sophia.

Now let’s get down to brass tacks with some details that could’ve been better. First, while I appreciate the detail in Dorothy’s outfit, I think they could’ve made the coat just a little more fitted. As for Rose, my only criticism is that perhaps they could’ve chosen a different color for her dress. A floral pattern or a jewel tone green, perhaps. Her dress fits the body of the doll pretty well, too, which shows that level of detail could have been accomplished with the other outfits. I have similar fit and color comments for Blanche and Sophia. Blanche’s outfit could be just a touch more fitted and a different color. They could’ve gotten bonus points, too, if they’d given her a patterned blouse. I think Sophia’s dress would be better in a darker color as well and just a bit more fitted up top. And, hello!!! Where is her signature handbag?!! I assume that they only didn’t include it because they plan on releasing a separate accessories pack at some point. I’m watching you, NECA!

GGdolls2Next, their faces. On first glance, I liked Dorothy the best, but now I feel like both she and Blanche have had just a touch too much Botox in the eyebrows. Blanche has that sort of eternally surprised “This is my happy face!” look. Or maybe she’s just using Dorothy’s tried and true trick of only looking in the mirror on your back (which is one of my all time favorite moments from the show, by the way).

Sophia’s face is also pretty good, but I think they could’ve refined the lines just a little bit and maybe given her at least a hint of a smile. The hair and glasses are on point, though. I think Rose is the one that they got exactly right. It really looks just like Betty White did on the show! The hair and the facial expression are both perfect, as if she just got finished telling a St. Olaf story. I also appreciate that they’re all wearing earrings.

Overall, I think it’s really great that NECA made such detailed dolls of The Golden Girls. We talk a lot about how kids need more realistic Barbies and dolls to play with, and I think this can extend to creating dolls that depict older ages, too. How fun would it be to have the Girls right alongside Barbie and Ken in the Dreamhouse, right? Robot Chicken has already used their own version of the Girls in a Sex and the City parody, but I’m sure there will be other similar videos once more people get the dolls. Also there are a lot of talented doll artisans out there, and I bet they will create their own outfits for them which will be super fun to see.

They are available for pre-order here. The NECA website also notes that the company will have their own section in all Target stores starting August 3 so perhaps the Girls will show up there, too! The prices seem a little on the high end for Target, but it makes sense that they would want to branch out into the more collectible toy market.

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Finally, I just want to say that, since this is the second year the Girls have been featured at SDCC, I am fully expecting to be invited to speak on a panel about the show next year! Picture it: Kerri and H. Alan from Out on the Lanai, Jim Colucci, Jackie Beat, and me! Somebody make it happen! My CV is available upon request! But seriously, unless I’m missing something, I hope that SDCC will include some actual programming about The Golden Girls next year. I’m sure a little cosplay wouldn’t hurt, either!

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