Summer 2018 Bibliography


Is September still the summer? I don’t even know because what does that matter in Houston when it still feels like eleventybillion degrees until at least November. Anyway, I’m thinking that I’ll make these bibliography posts quarterly going forward. I still really like doing them, but they start to pile up on the monthly schedule (there’s a period joke in there somewhere). Plus, quarterly bibliography posts allow me to compile more content, and this time around there was some great stuff. Here goes:

Golden Girls Content

Summer 2018 was actually a hot time for Golden Girls news! From San Diego Comic Con to exciting announcements, there was a lot to keep up with. I’ve linked most of it below.

Here’s what the ‘Golden Girls’ house would look like today (

The online decorating service,, tried their hand at re-vamping the most well-known rooms from the show, and I think they did an amazing job!

Golden Girls Director Shares On-Set Cast Memories on the 26th Anniversary of the Show’s Finale! (Closer)

These Golden Girls Action Figures Are Even Better Than Cheesecake (Romper)

Another great review of the action figures that made their debut at Comic Con! My thoughts are here, in case you missed it.

There’s a New Golden Girls Trivial Pursuit Game (Nerdist)


A ‘Golden Girls’ Cookbook is Coming In 2020 & Yes, There Is A Cheesecake Recipe (Bustle)

This was probably the biggest and most exciting Golden Girls news of the summer! I know I can’t wait to see if they try to re-create food mentioned on the show or create new recipes.

4 PR and marketing lessons from ‘The Golden Girls’ (Ragan’s PR Daily)

Proving that the Girls are relevant to just about any topic…

“The Golden Girls” vs. “Pose”: Who’s the Most Savage Mother of Them All? (Logo)

I loved this funny and clever mashup of the two shows! “Putting the ‘shady’ back in Shady Pines.” Ha!!

Fashion & Design

Pockets (The Pudding)

This fantastically researched piece offers visual comparisons of pockets in women’s and men’s fashions.

It Came From the ’70s: The Story of Your Grandma’s Weird Couch (Collectors Weekly)

I love a piece that simultaneously affirms my own writing choices and is 100% relevant to my interests. This article is everything you ever wanted to know and then some about those ugly couches we all love to hate.

Health & Wellness

How Goop’s Haters Made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Company Worth $250 Million (The New York Times)

Look, I have no shame about the pingbacks that linking to this article will hopefully generate. I’m also not 100% a goop hater, either, but I’m totally here for any and all critiques of the brand. Definitely dive into this one because Taffy Brodesser-Akner did an amazing job of exploring the evolution of goop while ever so subtly taking it to task for some of its more problematic practices. I loved everything about this piece.

How gender bias affects your healthcare (BBC)

The New Old Age (The Walrus)

Summer Reading

The Third Annual Late Summer Reading List (Synkroniciti)

It’s never too late for a good summer read in my opinion, and my friend, Katherine, has put together this post of her recommendations for 2018.


‘Betty White: First Lady of Television’: TV Review (The Hollywood Reporter)

Did you catch this documentary about Betty’s career on PBS last month? I actually missed it because I forgot to set the DVR to record it while we were out of town, so I hope PBS decides to show it again at some point!


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