Birds of a Feather: Bibliography for May 2019


Well, hello there, and welcome to another bibliography post! It’s been a few months, but I’ve decided to stop focusing on doing these on a timed basis and instead post once I’ve compiled enough entries. In one of the weirder experience I’ve had on the Internet in a while, someone actually blocked me on Twitter for posting one of these articles. Bonus points if you can guess which one it was!

Golden Girls Content

‘Golden Girls’ class at Cal State Long Beach has lessons on women, aging (Q Voice News)

Yes! More Golden Girls scholarship. I love it!!

Bea Arthur’s son recalls growing up with ‘The Golden Girls’ star, addresses alleged Betty White feud (Fox News)

Yeah, the source sucks, but it’s actually a really lovely interview with Bea’s son, Matthew Saks. At least somebody at Fox News is a Golden Girls fan and somehow managed to finagle this piece into the swamp over there.

‘Broad City’ Stars Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer on How ‘The Golden Girls’ Changed Their Lives (Variety)

Fashion & Design


One of the Most Iconic Wallpapers of All Time Is Back (House Beautiful)

Special thanks to my friend, Debra, for alerting me to this article! She also gifted me with a fabulous Golden Girls puzzle recently, so she deserves all the cheesecake. Our favorite wallpaper is back in some new colorways and designs for the 21st century. I still prefer the original, but I think some of the updates are interesting and could work for a variety of modern spaces. What do you think?

Milliner Philip Treacey Shows Us His Wildest Hats (Interview)


Here We Abandon All Destinations: A boundary-pushing drag bar in Brooklyn promises more freedom for us all (Guernica)


John D. MacDonald’s Mission to Save Florida (CrimeReads)

Don’t ever tell me that Dorothy wasn’t ahead of the times with her Save the Wetlands fundraiser!



Red Sauce America (Bon Appetit)

Featuring essays by writers like Roxane Gay and Emma Straub, among others, this excellent series explores the American love affair with Italian restaurants. I ate at La Mela in Little Italy the very first time I went to New York City in college, so when I saw the photo above in Straub’s essay I just had to include it.

Bread Pudding and the Comforts of Queer Baking (The New Yorker)

Bread pudding is actually not one of my favorite desserts, although maybe I need to give Bryan Washington’s recipe a try. I absolutely loved this essay and the way he so seamlessly related it to his upbringing and queer identity.

The Raisin Situation (The New York Times)

When was the last time you ate a box of raisins let alone thought about them? Well, you’ll never look at them the same way again after reading this article about the surprisingly contentious nature of the raisin industry.

 Health & Wellness


The Truth About Dentistry (The Atlantic)

I have a lot of…thoughts about this article, but I’ll just say this: if any dentist recommends dental procedures that you think are questionable or unnecessary, you have every right to seek a second opinion.


Her Own Hero: How Self-Defense Became Acceptable for American Women (Nursing Clio)

When I saw this post I was immediately reminded of the “Break-In” episode from season one and the sometimes small, but powerful ways The Golden Girls taught us meaningful lessons. Rachel Gunter offers a fascinating and much needed history of self defense classes for women in the United States.

The Remarkable Story of a Woman Who Preserved Over 30 Years of TV History (Atlas Obscura)

Signs and Wonders: When We Were Built by Books (We Are the Mutants)



The Irregular Beat of Jenny Lewis’s Heart (The Ringer)

Golden Girls fans know her as Daisy, the teddy bear stealing Sunshine Cadet from the season 3 episode, “Old Friends,” but Jenny Lewis has had quite a career as a singer-songwriter since leaving her acting days behind. She’s got a new album out, and is currently on tour, too.

Things You Should Read, Ok?

Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom: Raising Really Good Hell for People Who Cannot (Guernica)

50 Things Amy Sedaris Can’t Live Without (The Strategist)

I keep a short list of famous people that I think I could actually legitimately be friends with, and Amy Sedaris is at the top. Like Amy herself, there are so many kooky and wonderful things on this list. Also, I, too, cannot live without pom poms. I always keep a stash of them in various colors and sizes, and they’re fun to make out of yarn, too.

A Feminist Revolution in Birding (Medium)

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