Happy Star Wars Day!

And May the Fourth Bea with you! I made a Golden Girls inspired Star Wars crawler to celebrate:

In 2019 I wrote about when Bea Arthur starred in the Star Wars Holiday Special as Ackmena. You have to see it—and read about it—to believe it!

You may also remember a brief reference to one of the most beloved Star Wars characters in the “Snap Out of It” episode from season 6:

Blanche: You know, Sophia, this birthday thing has me depressed as well. You think you could help me, too?
Sophia: Sure. No matter how bad things get, remember these sage words: you’re old, you sag, get over it!
Blanche: Sophia!!
Sophia: So what if you knew Jesus personally? Wake and smell the coffee, ya fossil!
Blanche: My mistake. I thought since you look like Yoda, you were also wise.

Fans have even noted Sophia’s resemblance to another Star Wars character, Maz Kanata. It’s all a bit uncanny, don’t you think?

The concept of the multiverse has also gained more traction since The Golden Palace began streaming on Hulu earlier this year. In a multiverse, “a collection of alternate universes share a universal hierarchy.” Although The Golden Palace takes place after the conclusion of The Golden Girls, Sophia actually began appearing on another spin-off, Empty Nest, in 1988. The show got its own spin-off as well, Nurses, on which Sophia also appeared along with Blanche and Rose. While all of these shows exist in the same time period, groups like The Golden Gays are bringing their own unique storylines and takes to the present day. Sarah Royal from the Enough Wicker podcast also recently gathered eleven surprising fan theories.

Finally The Golden Girls and Star Wars are now both part of the Disney conglomerate, so who knows what we might see in a future galaxy far, far away!

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