Last Minute Golden Girls Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost here, and let me guess… you want to dress up as one of The Golden Girls for a party? The only trouble is you missed out on the store bought costume versions of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, and now you don’t know where to begin! Well, have no fear, because The Golden Girls Fashion Corner is here to help! Dressing up as your favorite Golden Girl is actually a cinch, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. I’ll show you how to shop your closet, what to buy new, and even something funny you can DIY to create a perfectly Golden look!


Shop your closet for a fitted blazer to create the perfect Rose Nylund outfit. Blue or yellow are your best bets, but Rose wore blazers in practically every color on the show, so don’t stress about it too much. Layer a white or cream colored blouse underneath. To complete the look buy a fitted midi skirt in a color that matches your blazer. This is an easy way to create the instantly recognizable skirt suit that Rose wore so often.

You know what’s as perfect for hospital patients as it is for Halloween? Why, a St. Olaf Fun Pack, of course! Decorate a paper lunch sack and then add a pack of gum, a bar of soap, and a sock puppet. I’ll leave the design of that last bit up to you.


Yes, Blanche is known for her Devarobes and other flowy looks, but why not go for the glamour and shop your closet for a little cocktail dress! Again, any color will do, but bonus points if you’ve got one in red. The easiest way to complete this costume is to buy Blanche’s footwear of choice that she wore almost constantly on the show: a pair of strappy mule heels.

Ok, how hilarious would it be to make your own copies of The Men of Blanche’s Boudoir calendar to pass out to all your friends? Have fun designing your own or just print some color copies of the original cover if you’re short on time.


Dorothy’s style is probably the hardest of the four to get just right since so many of her signature pieces were original designs by Golden Girls costume designer extraordinaire, Judy Evans Steele. My advice is to shop your closet for a button down shirt, preferably in white. Next, buy an oversized sweater vest to layer over it. With the collar you can either leave it open and pull it out across the top of the vest, or try buttoning it and pulling it up to create a funnel neck.

We all know that Dorothy loved a good book, and even though her taste in authors was usually pretty highbrow (Faulkner, Fitzgerald…), she revealed in “Sisters and Other Strangers” that she enjoyed a good celebrity tell-all, too!

Dorothy: Magda, there are two books I want you to read. The first one is Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. I think it’ll give you some idea of what freedom is all about. And the second is Vanna White’s autobiography.

Magda: Why should I read this?

Click and save the image below to print your own book jacket! It should wrap around around a small hardcover book.


Honestly, I could do a whole post on funny Sophia costumes! From a pirate (yo ho!) to Sonny Bono, Sophia was always up for a silly disguise. But to get that classic Petrillo pizazz, shop your closet for a classic cardigan. Green, blue, or pink are all good choices, but any color works. Then buy a floral house dress to pair with it, and you’re all set! I like the one below because it has a touch of lace at the collar.

Everybody loves Sophia’s lasagna al forno, and you can cheat a little by heating up some Stouffer’s and tossing it in a casserole dish. Nobody will know that it didn’t take you 12 hours to make, and you’ll be the hit of the party!

And no Golden Girls costume is complete without the jewelry! Lucky for you I’ve got that covered, too, with my 15 Golden Girls Jewelry Finds on Amazon post. I’ve also seen lots of gold necklaces, bracelets, and other 80s inspired pieces at Target. Finally, you’ll likely want to purchase a wig, and I recommend staying far, far away from any of the $9.99 “sassy senior” options at your local party store. Spend just a little more on a nicer quality wig for true Miami style.

Have fun and be safe this Halloween!

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