15 Golden Girls Inspired Jewelry Finds On Amazon

Okay girls, which goes better, the silver chain or the pearls?


From necklaces to bracelets and, of course, earrings, The Golden Girls always had the perfect jewelry to accessorize and accentuate their outfits for any occasion. Jewelry is referenced throughout the show and often forms the set up for a joke or punchline in a scene, like the quote above from the “Bringing Up Baby” episode. It’s about more than just gold and silver, diamonds and pearls, though. The Girls also frequently borrowed pieces from one another, making jewelry a beautiful symbol of their friendship.

I also get a lot of questions about where to find Golden Girls inspired fashion, and I’ve written before about sourcing vintage pieces. But let’s face it—sometimes we just need a little (almost) instant gratification! Plus, if you’re lucky enough to be attending Golden Con, then you definitely won’t want to be caught without the perfect accessories for all of your lewks. The items I’ve chosen for this post are meant to be inspired by things worn on The Golden Girls so that you can integrate them into your existing wardrobe, too. Whether you need something for the lanai or a charity dinner, I’ve got you covered with these 15 finds from Amazon!

  1. Stay Golden hoop earrings set

I instantly thought of The Golden Girls when I saw an ad for this earring set, and it was actually the inspiration for this post. Gold is definitely the most popular metal worn on the show, and it was pretty much the standard throughout the 1980s and 90s. These three styles are an easy way to add a touch of golden glamor to any outfit.

2. Rites of Spring long floral scarf

Ok, so a scarf isn’t exactly jewelry, but it’s pretty close. We often see Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose layering a long, skinny scarf beneath the collar of a button down shirt or over a blouse. This floral scarf is a nice option to have on hand for a flowy feel or to lighten the mood. You can also use it to tie a bow around your neck and layer it under a cardigan for a touch of Sophia style.

3. Citrus Festival necklace

This necklace is a little more expensive than everything else on the list, but the bright and cheery colors just reminded me so much of Miami that I had to include it. Wear it with one of the pairs of gold earrings above, a white t-shirt, jeans, and sandals, and you’re good to go!

4. Queen Bea bow brooch

A trademark of Dorothy’s style is an oversized collar to which she occasionally attached an interesting brooch. This was also an element of the rococo fashion aesthetic that was popular in the 1980s. Gucci helped revive this trend a couple of years ago, but you can get the look for something more like the price of a Zbornie with this bow brooch.

5. Pearls of wisdom necklace with removable brooch

Sophia, by placing this pearl necklace between my bosoms, does it make me look like I’m a sex-starved slut who is in need of a man to bed?


The pearl necklace is probably the most popular piece of jewelry on the show, worn by all the Girls with a variety of outfits. There’s a reason it’s a classic! Wear it long with a gown or double it up with a blouse. This one also comes with a removable brooch that you can pin to your dress or blazer.

6. Dateline: Miami clip-on earrings set

Hubba hubba, zing zing, this set’s got everything! Earrings are absolutely essential for any Golden Girls inspired look, and this set will fulfill all of your Miami dreams! Bea Arthur was known for wearing clip-on earrings because she didn’t have pierced ears and often complained of her ears hurting since many of the ones she wore were quite large. Most of these pairs should be lighter on your lobes, and you can even keep another in your handbag for a quick change if needed.

7. Back in St. Olaf expansion band watch

When was the last time you wore a wristwatch? Or have you ever worn one, for that matter? Before we all used our cell phones the wristwatch provided form as well as function and was often the finishing touch to the day’s outfit. My mom wore the same small gold watch for many years, and frankly it’s just a classic that deserves a revival. Look closely and you’ll see the Girls wearing a wristwatch in many scenes throughout the show.

8. Green with envy statement ring

If you look closely you’ll notice Bea Arthur wearing a large, oval shaped jade ring in several episodes and promotional photos. You can even see her wearing it in Maude and on earlier occasions. I don’t know the story behind it, but it must’ve been very special to her. You can get a similar look with this gold and green stone statement ring.

9. “Now, look here, stretch!” gold and rhinestone bracelet set

Gold bracelets are another accessory frequently seen on the show. I like this set because you can wear one or layer a few for a bolder look. You can also pair the rhinestone ones with the crystal statement necklace to complete an elegant look for evening.

10. Joust between friends enamel button clip-on earrings

I could really write a whole post just about the earrings on The Golden Girls! This classic, timeless pair is reminiscent of so many of the enamel pairs seen throughout the show. Rose would definitely wear these to the grief counseling center, and I could see Blanche borrowing them for her gig at the art museum, too.

11. Daintily designed crystal beaded statement necklace

Dorothy and Blanche were both fond of accessorizing dresses with a long rhinestone necklace as seen in the “Charlie’s Buddy” episode and the infamous peach dress moment. It shows up in a few different lengths on the show, too, like on “Dorothy’s New Friend.” This crystal version is a great way to add some sparkle at a friendly price point.

12. PennySaver Resin Rings

The Girls wore lots of rings on the show, but let’s face it: even costume jewelry can get expensive! Especially if you’re on a substitute teacher’s budget or your dead husband wasn’t as good with money as you made him out to be. Wear one or stack a few of these resin rings to get the look without breaking the bank.

13. Date night pearl and rhinestone earrings

Blanche: Rose, I have a date tonight so I’m borrowing your pearl earrings.
Rose: You are? Well what if I’m using them?
Blanche: Oh, honey, I would be so happy for you. But I know you don’t have a date. Actually, the only woman I know who went without male companionship longer than you was Heather Swain, who went to the sanatorium for what Reverend Samuels insisted was the croup, but which all Mayflower County knew was a [whispering] social disease.
Dorothy: Congratulations, Rose. A new record. And you’ve done it without needing [whispering] penicillin.

From the “Love Rose” episode

Pearl earrings are another frequently seen piece of jewelry on the show. These are a bit dressier than a simple pair of studs, but they can easily carry you from day to evening if needed.

14. “Charmed, I’m sure” beaded necklace

This is definitely a Blanche necklace! I just love the 80s vibes from the unique mix of colors and shapes. Pair it with a brightly colored jumpsuit and you’ll be both Golden Girls inspired and on trend!

15. A little octane rhinestone necklace and dangle earrings

Rose wears a necklace and earrings that are very similar to these when she takes her infamous turn on the dance floor in “One for the Money.” This set will keep you looking glam for a dance contest, accepting the Best Friend of the Friends of Good Health award, or any charity banquet.

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