Happy birthday, Betty White!

Today the fabulous Betty White is 96 years young! Happy birthday and many more!

According to this article, she credits vodka and hot dogs, “probably in that order,” and well, replace the vodka with a St. Olaf Tonic, and that sounds just about like a diet plan that Rose would recommend!

Did you know that Betty is the only woman to have received the Emmy award in all comedic categories? We may celebrate her always hilarious performance as Rose on this blog, but of course she is also known for her work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and many others, including her most recent Emmy winning role in Hot In Cleveland. That win also has Betty holding the record for longest span between Emmy nominations for performances. Betty is also known for her love of animals and her humanitarian work on their behalf with many organizations.

So in honor of Betty’s birthday, let’s take a look at a few of Rose’s most iconic outfits on The Golden Girls.

One For the Money


Here she is fresh off her awe-inspiring turn around the dance floor, complete with cartwheel, in the One For the Money episode from season 3! This look is peak Rose AND Betty, and pink is definitely their signature color. I honestly love everything about this dress. Even the shoulder pads don’t bother me because there is a little bit of puff at the edge of the shoulder. The neckline is beautiful and the drape of the chiffon perfectly accentuates her winning dance routine. Brava, Rose!

Isn’t It Romantic

Photo Jan 07, 10 22 31 PM

Ah, the teddy bear sweater from the fifth episode of season 2! It also makes an appearance later in the season in The Sisters, the 12th episode. I suppose a lot of people like to make fun of Rose’s sweaters, but I say it takes a confident woman who’s secure in the knowledge of who she is and what she stands for to wear sweaters like this. Good for you, Rose! She was wearing this sweater back before it was ironic to do so, too, so if you ask me Rose was ahead of her time.

Foreign Exchange

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 12.10.49 PM

This is one of my all-time favorite outfits of Rose’s (from season 4) and one that I think doesn’t get enough attention. Blanche and Rose are supposed to be heading out to their dirty dancing class, but Blanche doesn’t want to go because, as it turns out, she wasn’t very good. No matter because Rose’s outfit steals the show anyway. Rose is letting her inner Pizazz from The Misfits out in this neon lime green and hot pink combination! Love the shoes, too.

A Little Romance

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 12.29.56 PM

Blanche is certainly one to talk about wearing polyester! Nevermind, because I think this dress from season 1 is a stunner. Rose would repeat the belted at the waist, peplum style look throughout the show, and it’s no wonder why. I think Blanche was obviously just jealous that she didn’t find this dress at the local Belk first! She wins in the one-liner department here, but Rose steals the scene otherwise. The color is beautiful, too. Kind of an emerald? I’m not sure exactly what you’d call it actually. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

The Competition

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 12.43.44 PM

Rose looks great in this pink bowling shirt, and she knows it! So much so that she shakes what her mama gave her in this iconic scene from season 1. If you’ve ever had to wear a bowling shirt then you know how almost universally unflattering they are. Sophia and Blanche wear the same style in this episode, but neither of them pulls it off as well as Rose does. I love when Rose wears pink to match the color of her name to such grand effect.

What are some of your favorite fashion moments of Rose’s? Let me know in the comments!


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