Summer 2018 Golden Girls Style

There’s so much Golden Girls style in stores this summer that you’d think Miranda Priestley herself held a meeting about it being a trend! So I decided to put together four curated collections of fashion that are based on the style of each Golden Girl. And don’t worry: this isn’t one of those “aspirational” fashion posts where everything costs a fortune. Prices range from under $12 to just under $100. Also don’t forget the Memorial Day sales, and grab those coupon codes! There are also lots of size options and a little something at the end for every fan of the show. Let’s get shopping, shall we?

Be Easy Breezy Like Blanche


It’s fair to say that tropical leaf prints are always popular in the summer, but it just seems to me that the print is EVERYWHERE this year! I could’ve featured easily a dozen leaf print outfits here, but I’ve paired it down to the ones I like the best and that I think are the most flattering. And of course Blanche never actually wears this print, but her bedroom wallpaper is so iconic that it’s become as associated with her as anything that she did wear on the show. First up on the left is a swing dress from Old Navy. This version of the print is a little less busy than some of the others, and you can wear it alone or as a tunic over tights or skinny jeans. Next is the Naya Deep V-Neck Midi Dress from Nordstrom. I LOVE this variation of the print! The blues and greens are so beautiful, and the banded waist is very flattering. It’s a perfect dress for a variety of occasions all summer long. Now, I’m not usually a jumpsuit kind of gal, but I saw this one from QVC tagged on Twitter, and I gotta admit that I’m totally diggin’ it! The pop of pink is a nice addition, plus it also comes in a couple of other colors and lots of sizes. Last, the striped dress from Nordstrom reminds me of the robe that Blanche wears in the “That’s For Me to Know” episode. So much so that I bought it myself when I saw it in the store last weekend! It also comes in red, if you want to give another of Blanche’s favorite colors a go, or black. It’s great for brunch or even date night. I’m planning to wear mine in NYC in a few weeks when we see Carousel on Broadway!

Be(a) Comfortably Chic Like Dorothy

GGJourneycollages (1)

A friend alerted me to the tank top and pants at Target, so we’ll start there. Target is actually a fantastic place to shop for Golden Girls inspired fashion right now! So much so that you’ll see pieces from there in the Rose and Sophia looks, too. The tank top and pants practically scream Dorothy. They’re bright and relaxed and perfect for a weeknight at The Rusty Anchor! You could also certainly pair them with the rainbow stripe Madewell shirtdress from Nordstrom and the necklace from Amazon. I actually put the necklace on my wish list a couple of weeks ago and then realized that it’s very Dorothy. It’s long in the style she favors, so you can wear it as is or wrapped a couple of times as in the photo above. The shirtdress would be great belted and worn with sandals, too. A slightly different version is also available on the Madewell website. Oh, and there’s also a skirt in the rainbow stripe pattern. Be right back–going shopping at Madewell!

Be Fancy Free Like Rose

GG collages

As goofy as Rose dresses sometimes (which I love, of course!), it is possible to find lots of looks inspired by her style. First I thought I would feature the green and pink floral skirt from Target. The length and style definitely jumped right out at me as Golden Girls inspired when I saw it in the store. I had no idea there was a matching tank top as well, so I need to go back and look for that. I usually wear the skirt with a black shirt, but pair the set with a blazer and you can’t go wrong, either! Also from Target is the pink cinch waist blouse, which is part of their A New Day line. You can’t get more 1980’s than this look, y’all! I love the pants that it’s paired with on the model, too. Next let’s take a look at the pink wrap dress from eshakti. If dressing like Rose in the “One for the Money” episode is your goal then this is your dress! The neckline as pictured is a different style from what Rose wore on the show, but one of the great things about eshakti is you can customize their dresses with different necklines, sleeves, lengths, and even custom measurements. Finally, I wanted to add an option for a sweater that was inspired by Rose but with a more modern feel. I think this short sleeve sweater from the Gap fits the bill. I love the dolman sleeve style, plus it’s made of linen and rayon so it’s perfect for summer. It’s available in a lovely coral shade, too.

Be Sassy and Classy Like Sophia

GG collages (1)

Ok, I swear this isn’t a “dress like Claire” post, but I do own the chambray skirt from Target, too. Hey, at least you know some of these items are genuinely recommended, and I’m not just blowing my own tubenburble! I debated on whether or not this skirt was more Rose or Sophia, but I went with Sophia based on the length and styling. It has a sort of Italian, 1960s Sophia Loren feel to me. Oh, and did I mention that there’s elastic on the back? And pockets! So basically this is pretty much the perfect skirt. Next is this lovely scalloped edge cardigan from Talbots. My friend Dara has it in blue, and it comes in lots of other colors, too. I just think it’s so darling, and the scalloped edge recalls the collars that we see Sophia wear so often on the show. Next, I found this dress on Uniqlo and, it’s hard to see in the small photo here, but it features a cute little palm tree pattern. It also has the chest pockets that I’m not usually so fond of but they seem to work on this particular dress. Now, hear me out on the last item here: the macrame backpack. It’s impossible to find a handbag exactly like Sophia’s, although you can find some pretty good vintage options on etsy and similar designer styles are out there, too. They’re often expensive, though, so when I saw the backpack I thought it was a fun way to get the Sophia handbag style but with a modern twist. Plus everything about this backpack is actually right on trend at the moment, from the size to the macrame and even the tassels.

The Golden Girls for Everyone

If trying to dress like a Golden Girl isn’t exactly your thing or you’re just looking for a gender neutral option, then this T-shirt is still available at Target! Yes, I own it, too (duh). If you’re crafty you could even get creative and bedazzle the Stay Golden letters or try altering the neck and sleeves. If you do go DIY with this shirt I would love to see photos!


What Golden Girls inspired fashion have you seen this season? I’d love to hear from you in the comments or over on Twitter! I also hope you enjoy the looks I put together. Happy shopping!


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