I’ll get the cheesecake!

Happy National Cheesecake Day! July 30th was also first officially named #GoldenGirlsDay by the Disney ABC Disney Television Group in 2018, and I’m pretty sure that means that fans of the show intend on celebrating it every year. It’s just too perfect to pass up! Last year I celebrated with a post featuring a vintage cheesecake recipe for each Golden Girl.

While we wait for the official Golden Girls cookbook, you can also take a look at these Golden Girls-approved cheesecake recipes from Taste of Home. I’ve made several of their recipes for cookies and other things over the years, and they always turn out great. Here’s a gluten-free, low sugar recipe, too, that’s even Golden Girls themed!

This also happens to be the 50th post on The Golden Girls Fashion Corner, so there’s definitely lots to celebrate! Although, like Rose in the clip below, I think I’ll buy a cheesecake this time.


Dorothy: Oh, do you know how many problems we have solved over a cheesecake at this kitchen table?
Rose: No, Dorothy. Exactly how many?
Dorothy: A hundred and forty-seven, Rose! The point I was trying to make is that we have had a lot of great late night talks right here.
Rose: Yeah, and most of them have been about sex.
Blanche: Oh, well, of course we do talk about sex, but we talk about other things, too. We console each other, we help each other, we advise each other, and then we talk about sex again!

Can we also just talk for a minute about the radical act of eating cheesecake on The Golden Girls? The scene above is from part two of “Golden Moments” from season 3. Of course, by this time, the cheesecake trope was already well established on the show, but I think this scene perfectly illustrates why it’s become so synonymous with the show. Cheesecake was more than just a dessert on the show. It was a symbol of four strong women who weren’t afraid to continue living and sharing their lives.

Now, if you’re looking for some unique Golden Girls inspired merch to go with your cheesecake, Just Funky has you covered–literally!–with this blanket!


It couldn’t be more 80’s if it tried! But if it’s too loud for your taste, Just Funky also has pint glasses and a coffee mug that are perfect for home or office.


Finally, you absolutely must check out this fun and fabulous video from Cakes of Queens featuring a cheesecake decorated with the wallpaper from Blanche’s bedroom!

Get the recipe for the Citrus Cheesecake with Orange Walnut Crust (yum!!) here.

How about you? Will you be celebrating National Cheesecake Day with a free slice at one of these restaurants or maybe just at home with a favorite Golden Girls episode?

Golden Girls cheesecake

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