The Golden Girls Magnet Set Review

Magnet Set Review

I first saw this nifty magnet set earlier this year before it was officially for sale and immediately put it on my Amazon wish list. Predictably, it sold out before you could say vertugenflürgen, although it’s back in stock now. But, being the fan that I am, I’ve been determined to find it in person, out in the wild. I’ve heard reports of people finding it in various stores like Target, but I’ve never seen it there. I finally found it at a local gift shop!


The set comes in a cute little box and includes the gorgeous magnets, a 2-sided backdrop to make all your Golden Girls scene dreams come true, and a mini book with full color photos and trivia about the show. It retails for $9.95 (which is what I paid) and is published by Running Press, a division of Hachette Book Group. I really wasn’t expecting the backdrop to be in the box, but it’s the perfect addition. It’s almost like Colorforms for adults! One side features the kitchen.


And of course on the other side we have the lanai! Both are perfectly illustrated in glorious detail, down to the pans on the walls of the kitchen and the drink cart on the lanai. The only thing that I can point to that’s missing would be the infamous suggestive lobster pan in the kitchen! But that’s really a minor quibble when everything else is so spot on.


As the centerpiece of the set, and the whole reason to buy it in the first place, the magnets definitely do not disappoint! They’re a nice weight and not flimsy at all. The illustrations are all highly detailed, and I really appreciate that the Girls actually look like the Girls! This isn’t always the case with other merchandise based on the show. I can’t seem to find any information on the illustrator, but they’re obviously a fan of the show. Some reviews on Amazon are critical of a few of the magnets, like the lawn flamingos, that don’t appear on the show, but come on. There’s a magnet of Fernando, for crying out loud!! Others, like the red sauce pot, pink umbrella, and blue teapot, show attention to detail by someone who’s definitely watched the show. I think the palm trees and flamingos are things that are meant to be more representative of Miami so I’m willing to give them a pass. At least there’s plenty of cheesecake and ice cream to go around! I also thought the cocktails were an interesting choice at first, but the Girls do occasionally have a drink or two out on the lanai or at the Rusty Anchor.


Finally, the mini book is nicely put together. It features background info about the show, trivia, a page and photo for each Girl, and even a quiz at the end. Nothing in it is new to fans of the show, but I appreciate that they put their own spin on it. Overall, this set is a cute little gift for any Golden Girls fan, and the magnets are perfect for home or office!


7 thoughts on “The Golden Girls Magnet Set Review

  1. Ah! These magnets finally reminded me – the first time I came across your blog I realized I should really ask if you know of Urban Cricket! I sell in some craft markets in NYC and one of my booth-neighbors is an amazing woman named Gloria who makes coasters, totes, all kinds of things. And because she has good taste, there is plenty of Golden Girls paraphernalia. I’d put the link here but that would probably seem quite spammy, BUT I recommend giving her company a search (Urban Cricket NYC) because Gloria is cool, everything is original, and there’s even a Shady Pines onesie. 🙂


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